Our History

Since 1978 our family has been caring for the Elders in our community. Trinity Manor is currently owned and operated by the second generation of the same family members. Through the years, this family has stood behind the idea that Elders are a valuable asset to our community and have made each Elder that came through their doors a part of their family.

In 2008, a beautiful new building was constructed at the site of Westbury Private Nursing Home in Deepdene. The name of the facility was changed to Trinity Manor.

By 2009, we were ready to begin the next phase of new growth for Trinity Manor. Plans were made to expand the facility by creating an addition featuring two new “streets”.  Joining the original Garden Court and Victoria Streets, Eden and Royal Streets allowed the capacity at Trinity Manor to grow from 60 to 83.  Not only did this allow the Trinity to welcome a greater number of Elders into their home, it also gave them an opportunity to designate Garden court as a secure setting for Elders with dementia-specific needs.

In November 2015, another new addition to the Trinity Manor Family had come to life.The “Burwood Hill Aged Care Home” in Burwood was purchased to open its doors to the families of the Burwood community.This has since been renamed to Trinity Manor Burwood.

Culture Change

In 2005 we embarked on a journey that would change life in our home forever. We began by taking a hard look at the traditional medical model nursing home. Asking the question, “Is this Elder-centered?” about every decision made in the home.

Understanding that loneliness, helplessness and boredom contribute to the bulk of suffering in long-term care institutions, we began our journey. This journey is based on the philosophy of care that transforms traditional “nursing homes” into living, growing, ever-changing environments for our Elders.

The momentum grew and a complete culture change movement began. The new home design had aesthetic changes like removing the medical model nursing stations and making them into cozy common areas. The bathrooms became warm, relaxing spas.

The management team transformed into a leadership team becoming “grandparents” to families. Front line care partners and Elders are empowered to make decisions regarding Elder care, the result is Elder-centered care.

It has changed the way the entire home functions.The traditional business hierarchy has been flattened as empowered teams with the same ideals are putting Elders at the center of every decision on a daily basis.Even care partner schedules are designed around the Elder’s preferences.


Growing Into The Future

The journey for Trinity Manor continues into 2017 and looks forward to additional growth through their commitment to culture change in long term care.

Upgrading the information technology systems throughout the home is an important project to keep Trinity Manor at the top of their game.Plans for physical expansion to care for more Elders and provide more jobs in the community are also in the works.

In February 2017, another new addition to the Trinity Manor Family has started at Elder street, Greensborough. This beautiful new home will be completed with all single ensuite rooms, café, gymnasium, library, private dining rooms and other amenities. Opening is scheduled for October 2018.

Our next project is Trinity Manor Burwood. Currently the town planning permit has been approved and building plans are being drawn up to make the Burwood home a beautiful new home with all single ensuite rooms, café, gymnasium, library, private dining rooms and other amenities.

The future is bright at Trinity Manor and we invite you to our home to see for yourself how long term care can be different!