Being an Extra Service Home, Trinity Manor Aged Care offers a superior level of accommodation for elders assessed by ACAS who meet the admission criteria.

What is an Extra Service Home?
What extra services are available at Trinity Manor?
What are the admission criteria to be an elder at Trinity Manor?
Can I leave the home to visit or stay with relatives & friends?
How will I do my banking?
When will I see my doctor & what if I become ill?
How will I get to other needed doctor appointments?
Can I get the local newspaper?
When are visiting hours and who can visit me?
What should I bring with me when I come to live at Trinity Manor?
Do I need to bring personal hygiene items?
What do I do when I'm ready to return home or transfer out?
If I smoke, where can I go to smoke?
Can I have a phone?
Can I have a TV?
Where & how will I get my prescriptions?
How to join the journey at Trinity Manor…….
How much will it cost to stay at Trinity Manor?