Trinity Manor Fees & Charges

Fees payable by residents at aged care facilities are regulated by the Commonwealth.  In broad terms, there are two types of fees that are payable at Trinity Manor:

  1. Fees that contribute to the costs of care and services (known as care fees).
  2. Fees that contribute to the costs of accommodation (known as accommodation payments and accommodation contributions).

The fees that a resident can be asked to pay vary depending on their income and assets as assessed by Centrelink and the Department of Health through a process known as a means tested assessment. Residents who do not complete a means tested assessment can be asked to pay the maximum amount of fees.

Below is a guideline as to what fees are payable


Most residents are required to pay a daily care fee which contributes to living expenses such as meals, laundry and nursing/ personal care. The amount of daily care fee that we can charge is set by the Commonwealth depending on the resident’s means tested amount. Daily care fees are made up of the following amounts:

  • A standard resident contribution
  • An extra/additional service fee
  • A means tested care fee (if applicable to the resident)

Standard resident contribution

This is increased in line with the pension on a six-monthly basis. Please click the link to the latest fees

The standard resident contribution will apply to most aged care residents, including full pensioners and part pensioners with lower amounts of private income unless the resident is approved for financial hardship assistance.

Extra/Additional service fee

Trinity Manor has extra/additional services available. We pride ourselves on the wide range of additional services offered.

We charge an extra/additional service fee in addition to the standard resident contribution and means tested care fees. Please discuss with us your choice of additional service packages.

Please click this link for additional information

Means tested care fee

We receive a certain level of subsidy from the Department for each resident to assist with the costs of care and services. Residents with a certain level of income and assets are required to contribute towards the costs of their care. Where a resident is assessed as being able to contribute to the costs of their care, the Department of Health requires the resident to pay a means tested care fee in addition to the standard resident contribution. When the Department tells us that a resident has to pay a means tested fee, Trinity Care receives a lower amount of subsidy from the government.

The amount of the means tested care fee a resident can pay is dependent on resident’s level of income and assets as notified to us by the Department. Please click this link for further information on annual and life time cap


If your income and assets are below a certain amount, the Australian Government will pay your accommodation costs.

Whether you pay an accommodation payment or an accommodation contribution (which is less than an accommodation payment) depends on your means tested assessment. Only residents with income and assets below a certain threshold (as assessed by Centrelink) will be eligible to pay an accommodation contribution.

The amount of accommodation payments at Trinity Manor varies depending on the room. Please discuss with our Admission Manager for a room which you can afford to pay.

You have a choice as to how to pay your accommodation payment. The accommodation payment may be paid as interest only daily payments, a lump sum or part lump sum/part daily payments. Daily payments are calculated on the accommodation payment amount according to the applicable government legislated interest rate.

If you pay your accommodation payment by way of a combination between a lump sum and daily payments, you can choose to have some or all of your daily payments deducted from your lump sum payment. You must tell us in writing if you choose to select this option.

If you draw down your daily payments, from your lump sum, the amount of your daily payments will increase by the amount of the reduced lump sum.

Accommodation payments are fully refundable to the resident on departure although we may deduct any amounts owing to us.  Those residents transferring to another aged care facility will have their accommodation payment refunded within 14 days from when notice is given.  If a resident dies, the balance of their accommodation payment will be refunded to the estate within 14 days after we receive a copy of the grant of probate or letters of administration.

Please click this link for further information.


Residents at Trinity Manor are required to pay their fees and charge monthly in advance.  Please discuss fee collection methods with the administration officer prior to admission.  For residents who have an unpaid accommodation payment amount, your monthly invoice will include an interest component on the unpaid accommodation payment.


Sometimes residents may be eligible for hardship assistance if they cannot afford their fees or accommodation costs due to circumstances beyond their control. An application for hardship can be submitted to the Department of Health using an online form. Please click this link for further information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about obtaining financial hardship assistance.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Admission Manager ON  (03) 9817 2838