A meaningful life is a matter of choices.

Living at your own pace is the cornerstone for a happy life.  At Trinity Manor you have the freedom to be as relaxed or as active as you choose to be.  Our philosophy of care puts the wants and needs of the Elder at the center of every decision.  We make it our daily mission to make this home a place where no one is lonely, helpless or bored.

Animals and children add variety and spontaneity to our home. They also nurture the need for people to both give and receive care. Companion pets are welcomed to move in with their owners and live happy and enriching lives side-by-side. This is important to us because we respect the bond and the personal well-being that can be nurtured by keeping your pet in your life when you need more care. The local kindergarten and school kids bring youthful enthusiasm into our home. They enhance our activities and provide an opportunity to care for and share wisdom with a young person.

We have been a part of the Balwyn and Burwood community for over 39 years and remain family owned and operated.  Wonderful things are happening in our home.  Today we welcome you to stay for a bit and click around our website to see all that we have to offer you and your loved one.  Above all, we welcome those who desire a home full of life, choices and meaningful relationships to come for a tour and see for yourself how it can be different at Trinity Manor.

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